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WordPress Website Development

WordPress Development

These days, more businesses are diving into the digital marketing world, mostly due to the prevalent pandemic, and consequently, there is an increase in online interactions. One of the tools for facilitating interactions online is through the use of websites. To run a website, you need mainly a domain name and hosting server (e.g., WordPress).

Although there are tutorials for self-help, we understand that the process may be tedious and enlist it among our services. We help you set up a WordPress site that suits your demands. Over the years, we have created solutions for WordPress development problems and assisted many individuals and businesses in setting up a functional website.

Our services are affordable and delivered timely. We cover all website development areas, including registration of domain name, template installation, creation and customisation, and addition of features. Our works over the years have distinguished us in the field, and some of which are:

Skamma Gym

Our major work on Skamma Gym was redesigning an old site to a WordPress kind. They outgrow their old website due to increasing demand for their services and the constant update reminder resulting from it.

Unlike the old website, WordPress uses an easy, user-friendly interface and updates without any coding knowledge. The review was worth our time over the job. The new site looks more attractive, user-friendly, and has more features to it. Our job involved:

  • Setting up a complete website with WordPress hosting
  • Converting the HTML site to a WordPress online shopping site
  • Establishing an easy event management operation
  • Media integration
  • Performing SEO (search engine optimisation)

Scholarship USA

We also performed a complete web design for Scholarship USA. This organisation provides athletes above seventeen but under age twenty-five years with an opportunity to further their education alongside their interest in sports.

Apart from the web design, we did their SMI (Social Media Integration) and upgraded their operations electronically. We also added features such as Gallery and Email.

Aussie Tan

Aussie Tan is a business that deals in the manufacturing and distribution of a tanning mousse. They approached us for a website development in which we design a WordPress site installed with Cart6. We also added a blog set up and perform social media Integration.

The Tanning Specialists

This company also deals in sales of tanning mousse. They are mainly known for producing mousse that leaves the skin with a bronze glow and is popular among models, TV personalities, celebrities, etc.

We are proud of how far we have come with their website. We did a full redesign and creation of a new website using WordPress hosting and a Cart6 installation. Also, a few features differentiate it from the old website, including providing for an online blog.


Like others, the outcome of designing Investonic’s website is impressive. For us, the job involved a series of stages. First, we did a redesign of the website and outlined the development process.

We also designed the graphics involved in the job, for instance, the company’s logo. Email forms and a Newsletter CTA (call to action) function were added as features. Later, we upgraded the original HTML site to a WordPress site with an SEO function resulting from their business growth.

The advantages of utilising a WordPress hosting site are numerous, but its qualities are versatility and user-friendliness.