David Dawson

Website Design

Designing Websites

Web design is different from web development, although it is a massive part of the latter. Sometimes while web development is the primary construction process, the web design is likened to the architecture stage. Web design has to do with different areas, which include:

  • Graphic designs
  • UI /UX design (User Interface and User experience) and
  • SEO (search engine optimisation).

Most importantly, our teams in each area put in their best on the things we do. As a designer, all the following distinguishes us in the competitive industry.


Ours is a big team of individuals that shares the same passion for solving business problems through website creation. Hence, we are trained professionally in courses such as web design and development.


UX refers to the user’s experience during a visit to a website. Is the website easy to use? Is it user-friendly?  Hence, it refers to the objective review of the web design as regards functionality.


We know the in and out of different software tools like the back of our hands. Thus, we utilise various software tools such as CSS and HTML and applications such as Photoshop and Illustrator as solutions to your website needs. Users must get familiar with these tools, as well.

Time Management

One of the reasons people love us is the excellent speed at which we deliver our work and in perfect condition. Most times, we make use of scheduling to plan our projects.


A website is a means of communication and connection to your clients, whether directly or indirectly, and so it needs to be thoroughly responsive.

Great Profile

We have worked on several Shopify projects and have gathered feedback for your review. Our website is a model of what we offer, and thus, you may test us based on accessibility features, functionality, and load speed.

Testimonials & Reviews

Below is a short description of the companies and brands we have worked for. They all have amazing compliments and feedbacks to give, and each feedback fuels our energy to do more. 

Reviews and Feedbacks

CM Roof Restoration

We designed logos and other graphics for the website and added main features such as email forms and galleries for this company. Other services include social media integration and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). 

Skamma Gym

Skamma Gym is a fitness company at Narre Warren in Victoria, Australia. In this regard, the services we offered include web design and development, Search Engine Optimisation, and feature addition.


It is a company in Melbourne that offers solutions to technical problems at competitive prices and is relatively big with a large customer base. We offered them website design and development, logo design, graphic design, and addition of features.

Aus. Compactors

Aus. Compactors are compactor bin importers. They import from the US to Australia and make use of sustainable means to prevent further environmental degradation. The services we offer to them include website design and development, email forms, and graphic design.

To reach out to a broader audience, they contacted us for a website design and development. We also design graphics and add contact methods.