David Dawson


Logo Designs

Our company also designs logos for your businesses and brands. It forms part of our graphic designs and is based on the recommendations you give. Hence, our designs are wholly custom.

Why Logos Are Essential to Brands

You should have a logo for your business because:

  • It gives your business a unique identification
  • It makes a profound first impression
  • It catches attention
  • It distinguishes you from your competitors

Qualities of A Good Logo Design

We believe a good logo design should

  • Be easily recognisable
  • Must be durable
  • Relate to the product or service
  • Must be of acceptable quality
  • Must be attractive and emotion-provoking

We offer logo designs that satisfy all these requirements at affordable prices. Also, we work on your projects giving attention to details and working towards fulfilling your aims and objectives.

Our Works

CM Roof Restoration Logo

As a result of growth in its business activities, the company wanted an upgrade to its website. However, the process requires redesigning their old logo, which wouldn’t be much of a deviation from the old one.

We took on the job and came up with their current professional and polished logo. We are happy that we are a reason for the smiles on their faces.

New Investonic Logo

Investonic approached us for a website upgrade from HTML coded to WordPress standards. For us, the job involved a series of stages. First, we did a redesign of the website and outlined the development process.

Also, we needed to revamp their logo, and it was indeed a pleasure working on this project with inspiration gotten from an architectural design at Federation square. The most exciting part of this work is the reviews we got from the outcome.

Mock Designs for SGA Engineering

The designs made for SGA Engineering were purely out of passion and not as a contractual obligation. Orange and black colours inspired the original logo, and a girder elevated as a construction sign. The logo is available and can be adjusted to suit your goals and specifications.


It is a company in Melbourne that offers solutions to technical problems at competitive prices and is relatively big with a large customer base. We offered several services, which include logo design. Although we had to decide between two options, our final decision has a blend of modern trends.

SpinyBall Crafts

SpinyBall Crafts is a company that deals in the manufacturing and sales of jewellery. They use sea urchins to make quality Spinyballs and also make jewellery and wears from them subsequently. Their speciality also includes making bespoke wear. We offered several services, which include logo design.


Ephorta is a fashion company and consulted us to produce a logo design for the company, one that suits the fashion industry. The specifications given were a floral design with woven concepts and reefs. First, we sent out sample designs to which modifications were made, and we arrived at an elegant, polished, and stylish logo.

Are you looking for a logo designer for your brand? You can contact us through our details below.