David Dawson


About Us

David Dawson is a brand that deals in website design and development and other associated acts. As a design company, we provide tailor-made solutions for individuals, businesses, brands, foundations, etc., utilising various software tools and options.

We share your goals and aspirations and align your work with them. We believe in the power of our work products to retain clients and increase our base. Hence, because we produce impressive outcomes, we maintain a long-term relationship with our clients.

Our Services

At David Dawson, we offer a wide range of services to create solutions for various technological issues. We understand that not all persons are tech-savvy; hence, we offer services such as:

Website Development

This service includes designing web pages, registering a domain name, and securing a hosting server. Our website development is divided into two options: HTML and WordPress hosting websites.

Over the years, we have created WordPress solutions and assisted several individuals and businesses in setting up a functional website. Our services are affordable and delivered with astonishing speed. We also cover template installation, creation and customisation, and features add-ons.

Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration helps you connect your website audience to your social media platforms, and often, it is explored as a marketing tool.


We add delectable gallery features to your website. 

Features Add-Ons

We may add new features during web design or redesign, for instance, a complete online portfolio or email forms to your website.

Shopify Development

Shopify allows for ease in business and, most importantly, helps you source for goods and manage records. In our years of working, we have done more work in web development for Shopify sites and have a great perception of the subject.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

We perform search engine optimisation to give your website a visibility boost.

Contact us today for any of the above services.

Our Vision

To be a leading global designing company that provides solutions to web problems through quality design products and excellent customer service.

Our Mission

  • To create custom-based designs that surpass the expectations of our clients
  • To provide solutions to crucial web issues
  • To boost digital marketing through increased website developments


You determine the domain name. Usually, you should choose one that is identified with your business, or that is less complicated. 

We are known for delivering projects at great speed. However, it usually depends on the complexities involved. Your website is custom-based, hence satisfying your specifications matter.

We are responsive to your needs always. You can contact us by clicking on the contact page. Distance should never be a barrier to contracting with us; hence we execute your job without physical meetings.

It is relative. It often depends on the complexity of services rendered to you. Nonetheless, you can access our quote page for more information.

Yes, we follow-up on websites we design to ensure proper functioning.

Yes. We have done several projects that had us upgrade from HTML to WordPress.