Deathcore… and how hard it is to find good bands?

Deathcore has always been a controversial genre; it is a mixtures of death metal “real metal” & hardcore “scene metal”. It combines the pace and complexity of death metal and puts in the metal core style breakdowns and also usually the band has an image similar to that of a hardcore band; tight jeans and bright clothing.

This entire ‘meaning-of’ or justification of deathcore doesn’t matter to met what so ever. I personally love deathcore, but finding half decent deathcore is becoming harder and harder these days with bands cropping up everywhere that produce the same poor song structures, horrible vocalist and terrible instrumentals. All they need to do is throw in a break down and they expect to be “good deathcore”? Not a chance. Deathcore may seem easy to play, almost like djent music but song structure and vocalist quality are major factors. Lets face it; some bands have it and some bands don’t.

Here I will list the 5 albums of the past few years that have really stood out to me in the deathcore industry and will hopefully make your search for decent deathcore that little bit easier. Remember music is all about taste and opinions so no flaming. I personally think these albums deserve an honorable mention, and that’s why I am doing so.

Artist: Bring me the Horizon
Title: There is a Heaven Believe me I’ve Seen it, There is a Heaven Lets Keep it a Secret
Released: Fall 2010
Label: Visible NoiseBring me the Horizon to some can not be considered deathcore thanks to the transition from the sound of Count Your Blessings to the more metalcore sounding Suicide Season. But their latest release There is a Heaven Believe me I’ve Seen it, There is a Heaven Lets Keep it a Secret (TIAHBMISITIAHLKIAS) is a major statement in their unique sound and is such a quality release. The instrumentals, while somewhat simple are so well structured and work so well together and the groove in each riff really gets the head bobbing whether you love or hate front man Oli Sykes. Personally, I’m a lover of him and his style and while I was hesitant when he changed his vocal style I stuck with them and have learned to really dig their new sound. Each song is just as good as the last and it’s one of those rare albums where the entire thing is fantastic from start to finish.
Artist: Make Them Suffer
Title: Neverbloom
Released: 2012
Label: RoadRunner AustraliaFrom Perth Australia comes this crushing deathcore/melodic death metal outfit known as Make Them Suffer. They burst into the major Australian metal scene once they scored their deal with RoadRunner Australia, apparently by putting on a live show so good that the label scouts simply couldn’t say no to inking a contract with the band. There first release on the label, Neverbloom did not disappoint and is a sensational release. The technicality of the instrumentals the whole way through is just beautiful, each instrument playing in sync with no outstanding player being ‘better than the rest of the band’. The whole band operates asĀ  a well oiled machine and gels so seamlessly together. Their lead track Neverbloom as well as Elegies and Widower are the stand out track to me and are just ear destroying. Each song is so energy filled it literally infects your body and before you know it you are created a one-man mosh in the middle of your room. This band has made such a major impact so early in their career and will only continue to grow and develop positively as their journey unfolds. Pick up this album. See them live. Support Aussie metal.
Artist: Slice the Cake
Title: The Man With no Face
Released: 2012
Label: Self ReleasedWhat a name huh? “Slice the Cake”. A definite stab at the irony of deathcore. The ‘I love to hate’ relationship people seem to have with the genre and the bands obvious lack of care toward the on going YouTube comment battles. But this self released and self produced album is probably the greatest self released product I have ever had the enjoyment of hearing. The album is fantastically produced and considering the bands members are living on different corners of the planet (collaborating via the net) the song writing and instrumentals are completely in sync with one another and thanks to those roaring vocals produce an album of complete ferocity. The title track is a stand out act but my personal favourite was “Of Gallows”. The intro slowly fades in to really grab your attention and before you know it BAM! Face melting deathcore hits you hard and it is so energetic which if you ask me is truly what deathcore is about. You want to feel the grooves and you want to get into the rhythm. You want to slam around and find a song you can get lost in and ladies and gentlemen; this is that album. If you haven’t already got yourself a copy the album is available through iTunes and it is a definite one to grab. Support the band and get some great core while your at it.

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